Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Student Support Services are provided to students and families of the Fort Vermilion School Division.

Services provided by the Mental Health Therapists, Mental Health Capacity Building Student Wellness Project Coaches, and Child’s Circle Workers all focus on the goal of helping students be safe and ready to learn when they enter the classroom.

In order to do this, the Student Support Services staff work with children, youth, and families to address risk factors and eliminate barriers to children and youth experiencing success in school and in life.

Services provided may include confidential individual, group or family counselling for students and their parents/guardians, referrals to outside agencies to access therapeutic services, family support and education, support during a family crisis, program facilitation for promoting healthy living and healthy life choices, programs that promote positive skill building for children, youth and families as well as education for school staff about mental wellness, how to promote positive mental health for self and students as well as how to address mental health issues or other risk factors in their roles in the school and classroom.

High Level Public School's Mental Health Capacity Building - Barb Higgins - Mental Health Therapist/MHCB Program Lead, our Student Wellness Project Coach is Ms. Alexandra Michael and the Child Circle Worker is Jonelle Laboucan