Student Roles

Expectations for the Student

  • Attend school regularly and punctually 
  • Make the most of the time in school and strive for academic excellence through classroom participation.
  • Show common courtesy and respect to all; defiance of authority, abusive language and aggressive behavior are unacceptable at all times.
  • Behave respectfully to all, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • Solve conflicts peacefully through discussion or seeking help.
  • Dress appropriately for classes and activities.  Students dressed in a manner distracting to the educational pursuits of others will be directed to dress in a desirable manner, which may necessitate the student returning home to dress appropriately.  In such events the home will be contacted.
  • Respect school property and the property of others
  • Students who bike or skateboard to school must wear helmets.
  • Students are expected to remove hats within the facility.
  • Students who are in the hallway during class time need to have a hall pass from their teacher.