Welcome to High Level Public School!

Our goal as a school is to ensure that students are successful to the best of their ability.  In order to do this we have a variety of academic and non-academic supports to create success for all students.  This is our #1 priority and an enormous amount of time and effort goes on in the foreground and behind the scenes to ensure that students move forward academically and graduate at the end of their High School Career.  

 If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the school by calling (780) 926-3706.

FVSD Merit Awards

Each year the FVSD Board of Trustees recognizes the outstanding efforts schools put into building positive learning environments through the FVSD Merit Awards.

This is an opportunity for all students, staff, parents and community members to celebrate the successes of school communities by nominating them.
The nominations can be as brief or as in-depth as the nominator wishes. For more information on the specific Merit Awards and to access the Nomination Form click the link below.

The deadline for nominations is May 14, 2018.


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